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Dr. Barry M. Rodwick is from the Pittsburgh, PA area and moved to Clewarwater, Florida in 1989 following his general internal medical training in New Haven, Connecticut. He was one of the few physicians in the area accepting HIV/AIDS patients at that time, and subsequently specialized in that field as there was a great need.

Dr. Rodwick has been treating HIV/AIDS patients nearly full-time since December 1992, and he has been certified as a HIV specialist by the Amereican Academy of HIV Medicine (AAHIVM) since certification fisrt became available. He has seen remarkable improvement in the lives of HIV patients since the early 1990's when it was still a very devastating illness. Over the years, he has participated in numerous research studies that involved both the assessment of new HIV medications prior to their approval by the FDA, and the evaluation of varying combinations of medications to learn which "cocktails" are most effective. It is always exciting and rewarding work being involved in the process of improving HIV therapies. He also has been involved in research into various opportunistic infections and complications arising from HIV.

Soon after opening his HIV practice, Dr. Rodwick also became aware of the medical needs of people with gender identity issues, and over time has developed a knowledge base on the medical treatment of people with gender identity issues. The practice manages about 150 active gender patients at one time. He is a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).

As so many HIV patients are co-infected with hepatitis C, Dr. Rodwick has become proficient at treating hepatitis C in co-infected patients. The current medications have numerous side effects and also have important drug interations with HIV medications, making treatment of co-infected patients quite challenging. He has participated in hepatitis C research and excited about the development of many new medications in the near future.


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