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Hepatitis Links:

Remember, anyone can put anything on the internet, and care needs to be taken with the validity of the information. The amount of information also can be overwhelming. Attached are some links to web sites that have good information.


www.liverfoundation.org - American Liver Foundation (ALF) - Hepatitis resources

www.hbvadvocate.org - Hepatitis B Advocate - Community and support, resource library

www.hcvadvocate.org - Hepatitis C Advocate - Fact sheets, education, advocacy

www.hepb.orgHepatitis B Foundation - Research, education, and advocacy

www.hepbinitiative.org - Hepatitis B Initiative - Materials, screening, statistics

www.hepatitis-central.com - Hepatitis C Central - HCV news and support

www.hepc-connection.org - Hepatitis C Connection - Education and support network

www.hepfi.orgHepatitis Foundation International - Living with hepatitis, online learning center

www.natap.org/hbv.htm - National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project - Hepatitis B
www.natap.org/hcv.htm - National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project - Hepatitis C  

Hepatitis Central - Hepatitis Central - keeps a list of local support groups


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